Healing Light Technique


My healing technique is very simple very easy. My clients love it as well as those are participating in my healing circles and my gatherings. So I hope you enjoy it as much as they do. So let’s begin. Let’s start off by taking some nice breaths in and some nice breaths out and make these deep, long exhales out. So breathe in and exhale out, beautiful. And as you exhale exhale your woes exhale your worries and exhale your stress exhale. Anything that is bothering you. So breathe in and exhale out all those worries all those woes all those problems just exhale them out so breathe in  and exhale them out. Beautiful. Now lift your arms up to the sky palms facing towards the sky and as they’re facing towards the sky feel the energy coming down through your body through your arms through your hands through your arms through upper arms your shoulders your back your chest your stomach your hips your thighs your knees your calves your ankles your feet and your toes. Feel that energy going through your body. Beautiful! And feel mother Earth creating you down below and filling you with their energy and feel that energy and the energy from above coming in and the energy from below coming in and filling your body is beautiful, beautiful healing light energy. Great, now what you want to do is you want to let your hands go where they want to go. You fooled yourself with this energy so now, it can do healing work on you. They can go to the back of your neck, got your third eye, go to your throat. They could go to your chest. They could go to your hands where ever they want to go. They can go to a few places they could start one place and go to different places. It can start one place and go to different places. Allow your hands to go where they want to go! It’s kind of fun but it’s also very  healing because they just do what they want to do. It amazes my clients and those in my healing circles and gatherings, their hands go places they just come. I’ve been worried about something I’ve been feeling tense here and my hands just go to those places. So allow your hands to do the work.

Don’t push them don’t go somewhere they will know where to go. They will. They will go or they need to go out.  Beautiful!

Now you want to lift your arms up to the sky again, palms facing towards the sky and allow the energy to come in again. And this time wash your body with this beautiful light healing energy and this light energy you can just have it. You can just touch your body with this or you could wash your bodies a few inches away whatever you feel you’d like to whatever feels comfortable. Some people like it on their bodies some people like a few inches away just feel that energy coming down and filling your body.  Beautiful!

Great. Now put your hands to your side, breath in, feel the energy. Woooo…..My hands are tingling. I hope yours are too. Actually the palms of my hands are tingling which is very good because that means energies coming in wooo I like that tingle feeling so,  you can do this any time you so choose. You can use this any time to relax to calm you down to make you feel good, to fill your body with this beautiful healing light energy too. As we said Relax you to make you feel good and to heal you. So I hope you’ll enjoy this. Have a wonderful day. Namaste.