Pendulums & Prayers

My two favorite spiritual tools are Pendulums and Prayers.

Pendulums are great tools for answers, confirmation and reassurance.  Setting up the pendulum and asking the right questions are the important pieces in working with your pendulum. Setting the direction of the swing is something you need to choose and let the pendulum know.  For me, a yes is a clockwise swing.  A no is a counter clockwise swing. Every time I work with my pendulum, I ask to be shown a “yes” swing and a “no” swing.

Then I can begin asking my questions.  If you don’t ask the right question you won’t get the right answer.  Often we ask questions that are too general.  We need to get to the root of the question. I always ask the question then ask if it’s the correct question to ask.  Then I dig deeper till I get the right question to ask.  Once the pendulum lets you know you have the correct question then I ask it again and wait for the answer.

Prayers are a great way to start your day.

Below is the first prayer I used when I started prayer work:

“Good morning Lord, thank you for this glorious day. Let this be a good day. Let me feel the love that is there for me on this day. Open and soften my heart with compassion for myself and others on this day that I may serve in the deepest way possible. Let every moment be sacred. Let me touch those around me with love. I ask that the river of blessings enter through my crown chakra giving me all the healings and blessings that my body, mind, and spirit need on this day. Thank you Lord, AMEN.”