About Alyne

Alyne Jacobs is a Channeler and Intuitive Healer who has helped countless seekers on both a journey of personal discovery and professional development. Alyne knew as a young child that she was a gifted “intuitive healer” that wanted to help others. As a fraternal triplet (two girls and a boy), her life was filled with challenges and wonderful experiences.

She spent many years searching for answers regarding her life, along the way graduating from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Psychology.

After graduating, she had two children and became busy being a mom. When her children were in high school she started back on a journey to uncover her true self. She read countless self-help books, went to astrologers, psychics, etc. on a quest to find herself. What she learned helped her reconnect to the intuitive healer within and to her spirit guides. Becoming a Channeler was Alyne’s breakthrough.

Firmly on the quest for continual self-discovery and unfoldment, Alyne learned that she could use her channeling, intuitive skills, knowledge and wisdom to help others find and uncover their own treasure – their true authentic self.

Alyne’s passion is for everyone to be happy, healthy and in alignment with his or her true self.