I was so excited when you helped me see a different way to approach my business, a way that defies the current trend but that is absolutely right for me. I had been too busy listening to ‘experts,’ doubting myself, and not listening to my own inner wisdom. You saw that immediately and quickly, gracefully created a shift in me that has set me on the right path for the next 6 to 12 months.  I am so grateful to you and your guides, Alyne, and thank you for not only for your wisdom but for how comfortably and lovingly you communicated with me. Thanks too for the recording, which I know will be more and more illuminating with each subsequent listening. I suggest if you haven’t booked an appointment yet…RUN don’t walk.”
K.C. – Massachusetts     

“You have helped me so much with your healing energy!! Every time that I have had an injury, where I continue to experience pain, I call you and you & your guides have always been able to clear it away! Last year, I had a nuisance pain in my left hip, from overstretching a muscle while I was exercising. It would cause pain during the night, while I was sleeping, so much so that it would wake me up!! After I called you, the pain was totally gone within that day!!  Your guides are so loving and supportive whenever I discuss any issues with them, and they have always given me great guidance! ” M.A.   

“Alyne and her Guides are a powerful partnership. I have benefited from the Guides’ deep wisdom, cosmic insight, and gentle but blunt guidance. I experience the Guides as unconditional love and a high vibration of light and healing energy. Deeply committed to the path, I do not seek “psychics” to lay my future before me. Rather, I seek support and deeper insight into my authentic being, how to embody that Soul Self more, and how to bring greater joy into my life. If you seek these things, you have found the right place.” 
C.P. – New York               

“When Alyne gave me a session I felt like a window had been opened so I could briefly connect with some Greater Wisdom, who was usually inaccessible to me. It was very powerful.”
N.N. – New York

“I have had the honor and pleasure to work with Alyne Jacobs and her guides many times over the last several years.  My sessions have included several areas including help understanding the dynamics of family issues, personal concerns also health related situations.  Every time I have had a much deeper understanding of what was going on and how to handle the situation with a deep healing which I needed to move forward. Alyne and her guides are very loving, knowledgeable, compassionate and have always helped me get to the route of my concerns.  I highly recommend booking a session with Alyne and her guides and promise you won’t be sorry!”
K.S. – Massachusetts

“I had a wonderful, remarkable reading with Alyne’s Guides. If you have not had a reading with her and are considering it, definitely give it a try. Profound (and long awaited) work took place during the reading, and interesting pieces to my life’s puzzle materialized. There was a strong, persistent Universal intelligence coming from the Guides, and many pieces of my past and future path are now making sense. It was fascinating, healing, and resonated with the things my soul has been waiting for me to ‘know’. Many thanks to Alyne and her guides!”
W.W. – New York

“I want to thank you and your guides so much for the beautiful session. I was touched deeply by the insights they shared with me and continue to feel the effects of the energy work they performed. They truly got to the heart of the matter in a loving way and I am so grateful for the experience. I would highly recommend a session with you to others!”
D.V. – Georgia